Below is a list of instructors that are recommended by AWE for all levels of horsemanship. AWE does not purport to be a specialist in issueing authority to any of its recommended clinicians. Each clinician has a reputation by their own accord and AWE supports those people assessed as being suitable to the needs of classical training or horsemanship in general.

New South Wales

Jose Mendez. NSW and National or contact Fay!/fay.mendezgardiner?fref=ts

Kate Fenner. NSW Southern Highlands District.

Peter Shaw Dressage, Somersby.

Coralie Smyth. NSW Central Coast District.!/coralie.smyth?fref=ts

Michelle Wein. Central Coast/Hunter Bio Mechanics, Therapy & Conformation Specialist. E:

Newcastle District. Kim Peterson!/kim.peterson.906?fref=ts

Newcastle District. Fran Griffen

Sydney Chloe Von Hollander,

Steve Jefferys & Sandy. NSW Central Coast Jilliby!/pages/Equestrian-Excellence/113352042031825

Andrew McLean. NSW and National.!/andrew.mclean.5648?fref=ts

Dianne Baxtor, Murwillumbah,!/dianne.baxter.5?fref=ts

Steve Brady Horsemanship, Nabiac.


Katrina Kruse. Medieval Horse Sports Qld, National, International:!/pages/Medieval-Horse-Sports-Australia/207829159242166

Gale Bransford. Qld, NSW, Vic. National


Beccara Lloyd

Susan Walker

South Australia!/crystanby.morgans?fref=ts


Rodrigo Matos. International Portuguese Clinician.

Jose Mendez

Pedro Neves. NSW, National. Portuguese Working Equitation Clinician.!/pedro.neves.967806?fref=ts

Colleen Kelly. National and International.!/ColleenKellyRiderBiomechanics?fref=ts



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