NSW Working Equitation

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See WE NSW web page: www.workingequitationnsw.org.au . Due to the interest at Equitana Sydney there are clubs listed on the NSW web page that are forming to cater for the interested people in those areas. Please send an email to express your interest for a club in your area.

Working Equitation In Australia is evolving rapidly. It will require structures in place to ensure transparency for the members and professional management skills. Australian Working Equitation was informed by the World Association of Working Equitation to assist in making Working Equitation a professional equine sport in Australia.

Working Equitation NSW Inc has been formed to facilitate the need for a state body for local NSW Working Equitation associations to join. This is purely to manage members for the purpose of forming and maintaining the “National Body”. Use of systems that are currently being utilised by Equestrian Australia are tested systems that work for the national and international requirements.